Lewisham councils officers report taken to Mayor and Cabinet on the 12 December, 2018

Mayor and Cabinet meeting, 12 December, 2018, Officers report

Achilles Stop and listen first response

Achilles response to the report


Achilles Response to Lewisham councils Residents Ballots Consultation.



Achilles response to Sadiq Khans consultation on ballots, submitted on 10 April 2018 in response to the consultation:

Achilles Street Stop and Listen Campaigns ballots


Freedoom of information request


Lobbying info – includes: List of councillors, Local MP and contact details

Lobbying Info lobby_mayorandcabinet_contact(1)


Latest links to  Lewisham Councils site with  their misleading ‘consultation’ narrative and to the latest boards.


PDF Plans for the Achilles Street Area from Lewisham Council consultation  on 5 November 2016




Mayor and Cabinet meeting  July 13- Future Sites (item 11 and 12 onward)

Besson Street Re-development – 13 July 2016


PDF of plans for the Achilles Street area shown at Lewisham Council drop in consultation  on 21 May 2016

Final Consultation Boards 21 05 16 Event – Final Boards


Information from Lewisham Council  RE: Leaseholders on the Leathbridge and Heathside Estate