At a ‘consultation’ on the 21st May 2016 Lewisham Council revealed its plans to redevelop the Achilles Street area. The Council is proposing to demolish all of the homes and local businesses in the Achilles Street area in order to build high rise, high density housing in partnership with private developers. The residents and local businesses have not been properly consulted nor listened to by the Council; and it appears that Lewisham are determined to press ahead with their plans regardless of the concerns and opinions of local residents and businesses.

We are asking Lewisham Council to STOP and LISTEN to the views of residents and local businesses:

  • Engage in a proper and meaningful consultation with residents and local businesses
  • Provide a range of options for redevelopment including refurbishment of the blocks, so that residents and local businesses have a genuine choice about what happens to their area.

The Achilles Street area – is a low density housing estate, which runs along either side of Achilles Street between Clifton Rise and Pagnell Street. It also includes the flats and businesses on the east side of Clifton Rise and the flats, maisonettes and businesses along the New Cross Road between Clifton Rise and Pagnell Street (excluding the Venue and the old bank building).