Campaign Afternoon

Saturday 16 September

Time:    5 pm (Film starts at 5.30 )

Venue:  New Cross Learning, 283-285 New Cross Road

 We are launching Achilles Fanzine ( 2nd print run )

Information will be available about the campaign ahead of Lewisham going to Mayor and Cabinet on 4 October ( See below).


We will be showing the critically acclaimed film:

Dispossession: The Great Social Housing Swindle  

Refreshments and short discussion after the film


 All Welcome

Lewisham are still planning on going to Mayor and Cabinet on Wednesday 4th October with their proposals to demolish the Achilles Street area. At the meeting on the 4th they will decide whether or not to proceed with the plans for demolition and redevelopment. If you want to raise objections or concerns about the demolition of homes, businesses and community organisations or about the destruction of the local community then write to or email your local councillors, MP and the Mayor and Cabinet and let them know. See below for email and postal addresses of local councillors, MP and the Mayor and Cabinet.

Lobbying Info


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